Enlightened Spaces

Go Big or Go Home

Imagine a room without light. Suddenly color, texture and style are irrelevant. Yet, lighting is often the last thing to be considered when designing a room. To truly complete a space, think of lighting as an essential part of the plan.

Recessing lighting in lieu of a traditional chandelier creates a clean modern look.

A common mistake is selecting lighting fixtures that are too small. For example, even in the tiniest dining room, an oversized chandelier will add glamour and drama. A large chandelier will make a small space feel larger than it is.

The same is often true of table lamps. Even on a petite table, a lamp with a substantial base and shade can help balance other elements in the room like sectional sofas, large beds and high ceilings.

So what if large chandeliers and table lamps aren’t your thing? Opt for a modern look with well-placed recessed ceiling lights and small pin-light pendants. The effect is clean and simplistic with big impact.

Article originally seen in the June 2016 edition of Susquehanna Style.