Heavy Metal

Awesome Alloys to Rock Your Space

Gone are the days where a room could sport only matching metallics. Today’s fashion-forward interiors effortlessly mesh gold, silver, chrome and bronze. Although there are no specific rules to mixing metals, one tried-and-true designer trick is to vary the sheen and finish from element to element.

A hammered, aged brass serving tray atop a raw iron console table creates a luxe, industrial vibe.

For example, a shiny chrome arch lamp combined with a matte antiqued brass cocktail table adds an unexpected edge. Mix in a deep patina bronze bowl and “voila”… you’ve added instant depth and character to your room.

The great thing about blending metals is that this design concept works regardless of your color scheme. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and mix it up!

Article originally seen in the March 2017 edition of Susquehanna Style.

On Neutral Ground

Beige Doesn’t Have to Be Boring

At first glance, this custom space appears saturated in color. But, look again. It’s neutral. The backdrop of the entire room is a wonderfully warm “greige” – a hybrid of beige and gray pigments. All of the major furniture pieces, though essentially the same neutral tone, are given personality through a variety of textures and tone on tone patterns.

In this neutral living room, color is introduced solely on chair seats and touches of colored art glass.

Here’s the trick. Peacock inspired accents may not seem like the subtlest of shades, but when used with a light hand, they radiate without overwhelming the space.

Used in floor length drapery panels, accent pillows, and art, the saturated tones create a sense of warmth and opulence.

Best of all, when you feel inspired, the neutrality of the overall design ensures that just a few key changes to the accents will result in a fresh new vibe, without major investment.

Article originally seen in the March 2016 edition of Susquehanna Style.

History Repeating

Introducing Design Elements with Character

It is said that often history is worth repeating. When it comes to interior design, there is no rule that all furnishings and accents must come from the same era. Truly interesting spaces are made up of many elements, a mix of old and new. At David Lyall Home & Design, we embrace contrasting styles. Rather than being historically accurate, we encourage our clients to see things from an “antique modern” perspective, where contemporary spaces can be softened and made more suitable for everyday living with the addition of playful antique elements.

Bringing antique elements into a room makes a space feel collected over time.
Think refined rather than rustic. The high-end look of this simple Edison bulb adds an eclectic chic vibe that can work well even in the most traditional space.

Article originally seen in the January 2017 edition of Susquehanna Style.

Enlightened Spaces

Go Big or Go Home

Imagine a room without light. Suddenly color, texture and style are irrelevant. Yet, lighting is often the last thing to be considered when designing a room. To truly complete a space, think of lighting as an essential part of the plan.

Recessing lighting in lieu of a traditional chandelier creates a clean modern look.

A common mistake is selecting lighting fixtures that are too small. For example, even in the tiniest dining room, an oversized chandelier will add glamour and drama. A large chandelier will make a small space feel larger than it is.

The same is often true of table lamps. Even on a petite table, a lamp with a substantial base and shade can help balance other elements in the room like sectional sofas, large beds and high ceilings.

So what if large chandeliers and table lamps aren’t your thing? Opt for a modern look with well-placed recessed ceiling lights and small pin-light pendants. The effect is clean and simplistic with big impact.

Article originally seen in the June 2016 edition of Susquehanna Style.